AutraSense Trading Review 27/6/20

Wait for the breakthrough

Comparing previous weeks, this week trading is pretty difficult. We got some good result until Day 4 and was also hit hard at SPX500 at Day 5.  Statistically, we maintained a good ROI from SPX500 since our live trading, but we got connected stop lose due to uncertainty in US stock market. Let's see how AutraSense sense the change of market and adapt it accordingly in next week. 

Overall performance of live test in both real and demo account.  The return of real account reduced to 1.21% after its inception in 3 weeks. And live demo account is able to maintain its June return at 9.7% with YTD return at 8.4%.

Both draw down was controlled at < 2% level in last week, and single trade lost was reduced to 0.4% of total equity. Considering some trading program using 1% or 2% as single trade lost, our risk setup vs return is really above market average.  

We are trading 8 objectives in the both real and demo live account, which includes US500/SPX500 (Index), XAUUSD(gold), EURUSD, EURAUD, GBPJPY, GBPAUD, AUDJPY, AUDCAD. There is no special reason to pick those 8, those were selected to demonstrate AutraSense has capability to trade any product on the market.  But, after trading for while, we do recognize some objects provide better result than other, due to some unknown reason. We will adjust portfolio accordingly, based on our experience, to optimize our over return. 

Here are details of our return in this week.

1. Live demo and Live Real shows good alignment of performance pattern. 

2. Real Account Result

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2. Demo Live Account Result

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