AutraSocial 智群

With few remote copy trade service and software players on the market already, there is always room to provide something different and better.  And it is fun to shake big players in the market and do something cool. 

AutraSocial Data Flow with AutraSense (AI/ML) integration

Better Security and Data Protection

  • No restriction with broker account. It is a P2P, trading network running on cloud and MT4 platform. 

  • No need to share traders’ pass code with service provider. 

  • No collection of subscription information and no need to share client data with service provider. All subscription was managed in EA directly. 

  • Simple EA installation. No additional EXE and DLL need to be installed on trader’s machine, which provide better personal data protection.

Decentralized Cloud Service and Better Performance

  • Focusing on remote trade business model. Traders don’t need to manage master(investor) account and follower account on the local server or PC. 

  • Using cloud service provider – DropBox to manage signal through API. More reliable and better server performance than any existing service/software provider.

  • Under white label program, signal provider can setup exchange service under own DropBox account, which makes exchange server be decentralized, and leads to even better performance and data protection.  

  • No single central server needed. Data were exchanged with P2P mode. 

Better Features

  • Standard features and same as other providers. 

  • Simple configuration. Most of options were detected by program. 

  • Risk level were setup at follower side, which enable to protect the maximum lose per trade. 

  • Future integration with AutraSense – AI/Machine Leaning technology, bring the whole solution to higher level. 

  • FREE community(beta) version with 5 follower accounts per one master account. 

Due to the nature of remote copy through internet and cloud server, there are following constrains of current releasing:

  • Support FOREX only at current stage. 

  • No support scalper EA, which is more suitable handled through local trader copy software.

  • No support grid/martingale kind of EA. We expect every order have clear defined stop lose, which help calculate lot size based on the maximum risk follower want to take. 

Please feel free to download the community version and start  your fund manager journey. 

AutraSocial Installation Guide

(last update 23JUL2021)

AutraSocial Master Program EX4 Download

(last update 23JUL2021. Version CRM1 and improve the user interface and license validation expanded to 2024.01.01)

AutraSocial Follower Program EX4 Download

(last update 23JUL2021. Version CRM1 and improve the user interface and license validation expanded to 2024.01.01)