AutraSense is an end 2 end automated trading solution, newly developed by, powered by the latest machine learning technology.  Autratec, as developer and trader, through sharing automated trading technology, enable more people to get stable income from trading machine, and have more time to enjoy life.

AutraSense is a combination of MT4 automated trading platform, with Azure Machine Learning technology. It enables trading program automatically to identify unique trading opportunities, conduct proper risk management and optimized profit management through massive real data collected from financial market and decision-making running on Microsoft Azure machine learning cloud platform.

High Level Design Introduction

Here is high level data flow of AutraSense trading solution:

Here is high level design of functions: 

Following examples to show how performance was improved through AI. 

AI used in lost size management

Test A: AUDCAD 2Jan2020-8May2020. Without lot size adjustment based on AI.  Profit: 4234. Draw Down: 21%

Test B: AUDCAD 2Jan2020-8May2020. With lot size adjustment based on AI.  Profit: 4212. Draw Down: 7.9%. DD was reduced without impact profit.

AI used in profit management

Test A: EURUSD 20Apr20-22May20. Without profit management using AI. Profit: 1063. Draw Down: 7.3%.

Test B: EURUSD 20Apr20-22May20. With profit management using AI. Profit: 1999. Draw Down: 6.5%. Profit was increased with draw down reduced.

Compare other trading robot and strategy on the market, here are some highlights of AutraSense:

  • Fixed Stop-Lose per trade. Not a grid and/or martingale kind of system. 

  • Order entry decision was made based on the artificial neural network through market behavior analysis, not traditional technical indicators. 

  • Order lot size was also adjusted dynamically based on forecast of possibility analysis. 

  • Profit-Taking action might be executed earlier, based on market behavior analysis.  

Here are some statistics based on backward testing and live trading result:




1% maximum per trade


3-10% per month

Draw Down

< 10%

Fund Size

USD 10,000

AutraSense is ready for live test request. Please contact us for more details.


自觉是由 AUTRATEC 最新开发的基于机器学习的交易技术。 自觉将MT4的自动交易平台和微软的机器学习平台相结合。利用微软 AZURE 机器学习平台发掘交易机会,进行风险和收益管理。 和其他的自动交易程序相比,自觉有以下特色:

  • 设定固定的止损点。 非马丁网格类程序。

  • 通过人工神经网络,发掘市场行为, 而非传统的机械指标。

  • 交易手数将根据收益几率进行调整。

  • 依据市场行为,提前锁定利润。 

据历史数据,自觉能获取每月 3-10%的收益。 需了解更多, 请和我们联系。