AutraSense Trading Review 20/6/20

Continue Growing


Our account balance continue growing in this week,  including both live demo account and real account, with similar up trend. 

The live demo account grow 1.8% in this week, which help accumulated 10% growth in June. We are expecting total return of June could reach to 15% level, considering another 7 trading days left. 

We also start to reporting our real account status. After spending one week to recognize live pattern , which was required by neutral network, system moved into full operation mode in second week. In the week of 15JUN2020, the live account is able to return 3.5% in one week.  We expect live account will follow the same up trend as live demo account, and expect to get 6% total return at end of June.  Let's wait and see. 

Both system have pretty good draw down control.  As we continue adding new trading objects in the portfolio, and total lose per trade will be continue reducing, the maximum drown should be maintained in very low level, 3% or less, in the long run. 

For more details of our two live account, please check the linkage below which open to public to view:

Live Demo:

Live Real:

Enjoy the trading show !!